Having moved to north Dallas from Atlanta at an early age, Taylor Thomas is one of the sharpest producers up and coming out of the DFW metroplex. Taylor started his musical journey through drumline, and before long his passion for technology infused with his passion for music. Picking up FL Studio at 15 years old, producing soaked up his freetime. As the kids in school were out at festivals, Taylor stayed home working on music to play at festivals. All that hard work payed off as he soon found himself a part of a widely popular DFW producer/DJ duo called Zombie Penthouse. That collaboration opened doors from opening up for acts such as DJ Carnage and filling headliner slots in festivals in Canada.

Influenced by some of the most talented and precise producers of electronic music such as Wolfgang Gartner, Taylor’s boisterous synth lines and impressively mixed and mastered tracks. His first release “Catchfire” is constantly being referenced by his friends and new fans that have been following and encouraging his growth as he powers through soundcloud leaving a notable trail of followers and plays. His biggest hit to date was a collaboration with singer Lauren Cole was released via and has gotten over 500,000 plays to date. The amount of artists in Dallas with those numbers and potential is indeed quite small. At 21 years old, Taylor is taking his rollicking fireballs of bass fury and biting synths to the next level through the cultivation of knowledge and talent at Honor Roll Entertainment. Be alert, electronic dance music, this dude is going places.